National Doughnut Day! – The Luther Burger

Happy National Doughnut Day! Here is a ridiculously delicious/deadly combo!: A Luther Burger, it’s a hamburger served with a doughnut bun. Also included is a heap of bacon! It doesn’t get much better than this, weighing in at 1610 calories!

Luther Burger TopLuther Burger FrontLuther Burger Cross-section
This scan was performed with our new overhead Solo5 Scanner
from our friends at Hovercam!


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Trinidad Scorpion Peppers

Here’s the official hottest pepper in the world! The Trinidad Scorpion. These are a extremely fragrant and the ¬†hottest pepper currently in existence. It only takes a small fraction to spice food; to eat one on its own is not a good idea! Although if you do, it will result in a long period of pain and quite the stomach ache.

Here’s the scans:
Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Whole Sliced: Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Sectioned

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Biscoff and Spread!

Biscoff! Its made of cookie! Here’s a real cool product. Above shows the Biscoff cookies in their entirety. They taste much like a Gingersnap or Graham cracker cookie that taste sweetly delicious. They do have rough cookie texture that dissolve to a creamy rich deliciousness in you mouth. Lotus Bakeries takes it a step further and also makes Biscoff spread. They had the epiphany to mill the cookies into a spread. The flavor is exactly the same with a thicker richer flavor! You can substitute it from peanut butter or make all sorts of unique tasting creations on your own!

Biscoff Cookies and Spread

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Bhut Jolokia – Ghost Pepper

Here are some ghost peppers! One of the worlds hottest peppers. The first thing you’ll notice is a very pungent pepper smell, once cut it becomes really aromatic. The pepper is quite hot! Its easy to overlook the great pepper taste as it heat kicks in a few seconds from biting into it. Pretty soon after you’ll loose all track of focus and milk becomes your best friend! Here’s the scans:

Ghost PeppersGhost Pepper Cross Section

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Here are some garden grown Tomatillos! A staple of Mexico. They taste sweet and only slightly of sour tomato.¬† There’s nothing wrong with eating them on their own but are primarily used in sauces such as Salsa Verde. Small ones may have a bitter aftertaste but for the most part these are delicious, here’s the scan:tomotillo


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5lb Gummy Bear!

By weight this is 872 times larger than the small gummy bear (2.6g) pictured. The flavor is Blue Raspberry!
Large Gummy Bear

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Dried Cuttlefish

Here is another Asian Snack. Dried cuttlefish! These taste like dried squid “fish jerky”. Occasionally a burst of bitter flavor occurs while eating the different sections. To describe the texture; imagine the chewiness of jerky and rubberiness of squid, and you’ll and up with this hard-chewy dehydrated snack. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve eaten but to getting over the appearance of it was hardest part!

closeup:Single Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish Snack Pack

Whole package contents:

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